Monday, 21 July 2014

An Affair with Color

An Affair with Color is the new blog that I've discovered and simply can't get enough. Its my daily dose of inspiration... 

So sharing with you today is Kunjan's home... which is a happy burst of colours.. You totally need to be bold to make a home look this fantastic.. 

Although I love what I see.. Im not sure I'd be able to recreate this with such ease as Kujan has done.. 

Its amazing how she's put simple things together on a simple looking shelf... and still made it look amazing... Just out of a mgazine.. 

Hop over to An Affair with Color.. Im sure you'll be going there everyday!! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

My Home, My Magic ~ Kunjan

There is something about home tours that is simply magical.. and when it belongs to a co-blogger, its even more mystical... I admire the colours in this home.. and can gaurantee you'll love it too.. 

Kunjan blogs at An Affair with Color, and her home truly stands up to the blog name *smiles*

A little about Kunjan ... 

I grew up in Delhi, India and till recently was a recruiter in India. Colors have always been an integral part of my life. Earlier they used to dominate my sense of personal style and now my home :). Both reflect my love for color and decor! When I moved to the US to start my life anew with my husband right after our wedding, I was super excited about setting up my first home and filling it up with all things bright and beautiful.
I live in a single family home with the living, dining and the kitchen on the ground level and the bedrooms on the upper level. I get a perfect view of the hustle bustle on the street on one side and a beautiful backyard on the other side. Plenty of natural light :).

Nakul (my husband) and I share a love for colors, so that is the first thing you will notice as soon as you enter our place. I like to mix ethnic and modern, prints and colors, textures and patterns!! So you will see my Indian roots and my bohemian love at the same time. I try and hunt for pieces I can fall in love with and don't mind hitting up flea markets, antique and thrift stores. Everything in my home has a story behind it and it all matters :). From our couch which took 3 months for us to agree on, to the Tiffany shelf we fell in love with at first sight...
I believe the living area sets the tone for the entire house. The ambience we create in the living room is a projection of our own selves to the people we are hosting. Accordingly, I want it to be fun yet warm and inviting. I also want our home to tell our story and give people a peek into our lives... I want our pictures and accessories to be conversation starters... Finally, I want my living area and my home to be and feel like a happy place.

More posts from her home to follow... but if you like what you see, hop over to An Affair With Color

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

DIY Palettes

A few years ago, I had some spare paint and decided to paint a few palettes and use them at home to make a cozy corner... Now I realise, there were so many other ideas as well. A quick compilation for you!! 

The above image is of my home a few years ago.

All the below images are from Buying & Living

This does look like a rather fabulous idea... 

If you have any ideas to share, email them on

Monday, 14 July 2014

DIY cushion covers

Sharing some images of Anpu's work. Below is a glass work and chain stitch piece. 

A total treasure.. Combining screen printing with embroidery 

A batik wall painting, she converted into a long pillow. 

For those of you who've read Anpus posts on Colours Dekor earlier, know that she has created all these by herself... a total bundle of talent!