Monday, 1 September 2014

DIY frame

Weekends are now slowly getting back to normal. The holiday season will be over this week, and the kids will be back in school. Thats such an awesome feeling.

Anyway, a few weekends ago, I ventured into doing this little project that I have been procrastinating about forever.. 

A simple IKEA frame and a few patches of embroidered cloth.

Arrange them, re-arrange them to how you want the final work to look.

Once thats done, simply cut to fit the space.

At first we had decided on hot glue, but then simply decided to use double sided tape, making this even easier and kid friendly. 

And here is the final product... 

Placed at the entrance of my home... What do you think?

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Magic of Yellow

Yellow is truly a magical colour. It can make any space happy..

and bringing you in this post is the magic of spray paint as well. Here is what Reshma from Weekend Tweaks

Now its not just trays, but anything else.. see the magic.. 

For the complete tutorial, hop on to DIY with spray paint.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DIY Dresser Makeover

More from the archives of Weekend Tweaks.

Here is how Reshma changed an ordinary looking dresses to HOT PINK!

Before you move on... a little about Reshma!!

I am Reshma and I have a passion for interior design and styling.
I have a career in Human Resources, so weekends are when I pursue my love for anything related to decor and organization. I enjoy decorating my home and doing affordable projects and DIY's and tweaks.

Weekendtweaks is where I chronicle and share all of these.

For the complete details of this project, hop on to Weekend Tweaks Dresser Makeover

Monday, 25 August 2014

DIY Tray makeover

Sometime ago, I stumbled upon a blog called Weekend Tweeks, and was intrigued by its name and wanted to see what was going to be on here!!

Anyway, so todays makeover is by Reshma from Weekend Tweeks. For a more detailed post on this makeover, hopon to her blog

This is what this tray looked like...

With a little bit of paint...

simple decoupage technique and modpodge.. 

Viola.. !! a brand new tray... 

Now here is another Pink DIY makeover

If you like what you see, hop on to Weekend Tweeks..