Thursday, 17 September 2009

Weekend candles....

September for me is a very eventful month. Its the beginning of celebrations in our household..... starts with my moms birthday this month, loads of birthdays in October, November & December.... and above all Diwali, Christmas & New Year.
Its a month of bringing out all my candles & candle stands..... These pics are from last weeked.

Do you know what this is??? Sav (my brother) & Kankana (my friend - think she'll get upset if I dont say - my sister!!).... got this for me!! And I dont even want to tell you from where!!


  1. I got it...I got is a street chai glass holder and street chai omnipresent on every indian road....:-)...hope i am I get points for guessing right!!

  2. great pics...candles do uplift one's mood and bring in so much warmth at home...n yes what is this...i may be absolutely wrong but is it by any chance a wrought iron chai stand ;)

  3. Beautiful shots! Perfect illumination in dark.

  4. How creative! I love the tea holder and how you mixed candles and plants in it.

  5. Hi Patricia,
    They look lovely ... from one candle lover to another ... wow ... :)

  6. chai holder,lovely,i was planning to get one.


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