Thursday 10 December 2009

Weekened cheer

My weekend is going to be super busy.... filled with excitement, enthusiasm and loads of fun (I hope!) .. Saying that.. my weekends are always busy *sigh* At this point, flowers is the only thing that can truly cheer me up....
So here is me... passing on some of my weekend cheer to you...
I love flowers, in any colour.... in any shape.... in any container!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. beautiful...have a gr88 weekend

  2. I am hoping you will survive it ;) have a great time celebrating the lil one's bday...

  3. These flowers certainly brought a smile to my face. Enjoy your weekend:-)

  4. pretty flowers never fail to cheer:)

    Have fun, busy bee!
    - Sharon

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  6. hey,
    nice arrangement!I specially liked the first it a marble flower container?
    very lovely!

  7. hi patrica, i've reached to your blog through chandan's...i loved this space...! would be around for more...and ur also invited in my come around..

  8. Hey there, lovely collection of photos as ever. I hope you are having a super weekend.


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