Wednesday 3 September 2014

Indoor succulents

My new found love for succulents, takes me to the garden centre every other day... *sigh*.. Its such a lovely place.. it really is.. ! A bit exorbitant for me.. nevertheless.. still a place I spend a lot of my time and money at *wink*

This weekend, I walked around the garden center hunting for small outdoor succulents. They only had these big huge ones, so I picked some for indoors... 

Put them on display as soon as I got them (didnt even take the tags off). I was told, that they have to get accustomed to the house and they have to start liking me.. 

One on the dining table... 

And a small cactus plant for the side.. Aren't these the most gorgeous things ever.. 

A little play with colour on the weakened.. meant I was experimenting with teal and tangerine! Do you like what you see?? 

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  1. Lovely pictures of your home, Patty ! I love succulents too but have never been lucky with them, always manage to kill them. Wishing you a good experience growing them. They are lovely plants to have indoors and outdoors both :)


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