Monday 19 January 2009

Princess in every girl

Here I share my weekend project - my kids room. It took a few months of bargain hunting for some pretty stuff to renovate this room. Most of my weekend projects are intiated by my friend - Rose. So she is solely to blame for my spoilt kids. Welcome to Dreamland... it reads on the door of the room... The walls were painted on two sides and wall papered on one side about two years ago. All we did was accessorise. The floral lamp!! with princesses on either side. The wall hanging frame was made by Ramya two years ago. Its lovely!! below it hangs the princess mirror!! Mirror ! Mirror on the wall... who is the fairest of them all?? We stuck princess stickers all over the cupboards! The girls sofa cum bed with the princess pink canopy, with the backdrop of the purple wall.. Through the canopy - Cinderella...
Canopy close up... and personal!
The lamp... that I instantly fell in love with..
More pictures of my home... in the next post!! Keep reading!


  1. Lovely Pats!
    The canopy and the mirror - simply gorgeous!
    Your girls must feel like little princesses now, isn't it?
    And I think spoiling your kids is a group activity!

  2. Beautiful,its like being in fairyland.wish i would have been small &you could do up my room. & you know what the girls are born princess.
    love parul

  3. The Princess Obsession. Beautiful room. I dare not show these pics tomy 2 year old diva otherwise I will be harassed endlessly for something like this.Being aesthetically challenged and about to move in some months I have no intentio to do anything right now.
    But kudos to u.Its every little girl's dream come true.

  4. really love how you have designed your warm yet vibrant..


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