Monday 23 July 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 87

Hello my lovelies… Today, the weekly story continues with simple ‘makeover tips’… Sorry, I haven’t come visiting you guys as yet.. I’m in Moscow at the moment, enjoying the sights & sounds of the Kremlin *smiles* .. I’ve always wanted to visit Moscow… stand at St. Petersburg … go on a river cruise... So I’ll have lots to tell you when I return.. So promise to pop in and say ‘hello’..

The first pic today, is from my friend Anamika’s home…  and we’ll talk about introducing colour schemes and de-cluttering spaces… 

Introduce Colour Schemes

As a guide to start your make over, use colour schemes around the house. Silver and bronze elements work well with dark colours. Autumn tones compliment brown or being furniture whilst pastel shades are perfect for baby rooms. Children and teens prefect bright, eye catching colours. Try to ensure that the accessories around these rooms go hand in hand with the colours so the overall effect is pleasing to the eye. 


Cleaning away the clutter guarantees your space an instant face-lift. Get rid of stuff you don't want or need - don't be a hoarder! Use boxes, baskets, chests, smart storage ideas for quick and simple solutions and your space will look fresh and clean and more importantly, will allow you to decorate with a few choice pieces of colour or ornaments of your choice. 

I firmly believe that the entrance to your home creates the first impression with guests, so de-cluttering your entry way is of paramount importance. Use creative key chain holders or even small wall shelves or painted cabinets for keys, mobile phones or hand bags and laptop bags, that more often than not, get dumped on the first available flat surface. Defining a space for these items gives them a permanent, pretty home.

Move around larger decorative objects or lamps to different corners of your home. Put some away, or periodically change the room that the piece is normally stored in. You'll find that people often don't notice a particular piece till you give it a new place, put it in better lighting or sometimes just bring it back after a few months of hiding!

Don’t be attached to a particular type of furniture arrangement, as the easiest and most cost effective way for a transformation is to move furniture around and create a new look. Moving your décor items around can also make a difference - for example moving your coffee table books or decor to your dining table often makes a dramatic difference. And remember, the best part is that if you don't like it, you can just change it up all over again!

The above and below pics are a small example of de-cluttering..  My daughters bangles… arranged on the coffee table in a glass or in bamboo sticks.. *smiles* 

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  1. Beautiful candle arrangement in the first pic, Pat. And only you can come up with such innovative ways of using common items like bangles :)

  2. love the arrangement of bangles!!

  3. So pretty! I love the color.

    Thanks for hosting the party again!


  4. The bangle-arrangement is so innovative!

  5. Lovely bangle arrangement Patty! I liked the tips as well!

  6. What a nice post, with great pictures and tips!
    Thanks for sharing and hosting the party!

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  17. What a lovely and inspiring post Patty.

  18. woww The bangles arrangements.
    It is beautiful.

  19. Good points made here. Entryway does set the tone for the whole house and creates that first impression. Great storage ideas and love the bangles on the bamboo.

  20. What a lovely way to use bangles. mind blowing Patricia:)
    Tagged you in my latest check it out. thanks


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