Saturday 30 May 2009

Table Dekor

Happy Weekend to all!!! Most weekends I spend sharpening colour pencils… This weekend.. I decided to use it as my coffee table décor… This is how it looked

Does anyone have any ideas of what else I could do with these????

So how did your weekend go???


  1. That is nicely done. Never seen before.

  2. good idea! as for other ideas, well, i usually make greeting cards with them!

  3. @Anu!! Thats such a fab idea... my older kid is always making greeting cards.. I must share this idea with her.

    If you dont mind.. do send me an image.. PLEASE!!

  4. Thank you for the kind sweet.
    love what you've done here!

  5. I sometimes use them to decorate gift wrapping paper. Roll them up tight and they look very much like flowers and buds ... at least, they do to me ;)
    I really like what you have done, though.

  6. most impressive. To think of all the pencil shavings i wasted :(. patricia, this is a beautiful blog! Loved reading it, some of your posts really inspired me! Lovely!

  7. now this is something i've never seen before! looks great.


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