Saturday 14 November 2009

Simplistic & Minimalistic

I just love décor that is simplistic & minimalistic…. yet has so much attitude and character in it. I’m sure you will agree with me… once you look at the pics below – I’ve written about Sweta and her Simple & Stunning style.
Vistaar Associates are an architecture & interior design firm, with a vision of improving the quality of life through influencing our everyday surroundings.
Here she has given a facelift to an existing living space. The building & the house is about 15 years old, so the challenge was primarily in giving it an absolutely new look, yet keeping in mind that the appeal had to be timeless.
This installation is a long corridor leading to the bedrooms. The partition gives the bedroom privacy and at the same time provides the room with much required character. This is done in MDF and is back lit. The partition obviously can be opened up from behind for repair and changing the lights.
The bar is the only existing unit. She gave this a face lift by installing shutters.
The built in seating near the dining area saves space and is used for storage beneath. What a fabulous idea!!! Splendid!
Here is a picture of how the space looked before. Yes!! This is the same window… Are you as shocked as me?? The first arch is what she closed off from top to make the bar space and the second arch is where the ‘installation’ is. What do you think??


  1. very creative, nice post pat..I love the motif used there, is that a stencil or engrave?

  2. nice post,do read my decor blog pat.

  3. I loved the lamps hanging from the ceiling in the corner - very nice.
    I've come by after ages - great post to see!!

  4. I agree with you. It's light and fresh.

  5. lovely post pat! so much light and everything minimal....just the kind i prefer!

  6. what a transformation! Thanks for sharing.

  7. See u inspired me! I have painted my wall :) Let me know if u want to see the photos :)

  8. That's amazing... what a difference! I like how open and 'clean' it looks now.

  9. Hey thanks for dropping by my blog :) I have the photos on my fb.. in case u hv account, I can share with u.. else I will download n share.. just let me know :)


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