Thursday, 27 May 2010

Finding Nemo

I’ve been looking for ideas for the kids room…. Project only scheduled for August!! I came across this beautiful ‘Finding Nemo’ room at a furniture shop… and was amazed at how the display designer not only displayed the beautiful furniture, but the accessories to go with this room. The paintings on the wall were just beautiful... I did double check that it was not wall paper!
Isn’t it a lovely theme for kids… I'm impressed... are you??


  1. Loved the theme, I am sure any kid would love this decor.

  2. Wow..thanks Ptricia for finding such piece of art an sharing.

    You said it is not wall papaer, that leads it to paitning on wall..

    Earlier I have seen that beautiful peacock on your blog..Any idea to share on how to paint on wall ?

  3. Oh yes! loved the theme, and the best thing about it, is its unisex...

    Our builder has advised against painting walls for the first 2 years, so I just bought some butterfly stencils to brighten up my li'l one's room. She has a red one now to start off with...once the furniture is in, and the room takes shape, I plan to put a cluster of flying butterflies above her bed.
    Suggestions welcome:)

  4. wow... this is a cute theme for kids... am sure they will love it :)

  5. :-) You got the kid in me tickled with this one.

  6. lovely! I can hear my kids squeal in delight :)

  7. Looks lovely, neither overly cartoony nor dull and yes, definitely unisex!


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