Monday 23 January 2012

The Weekly Story ~ 64

Its Monday!! Yay!! I'm running a bit late this morning... *smiles*.. But that's ok... isn't it?? I had a fabulous - chilled out - relaxed - feet up kind of weekend... Absolutely did nothing!! Drove off to Al Ain, which is about 3 hours away from Dubai and it was lovely to get away from home... 

We stayed in Al Ain for two nights and only drove back on Saturday... We also went up Jebel Hafeet mountains to see the glorious sun set... It was a truly beautiful weekend...

And then... getting back to work on Sunday... *sigh*.. Isn't that soooooooooo tuff!!

Now... I'm sharing with you a few of my Christmas gifts.. The festive season was so mental with my gran being ill, etc, etc... that I didn't even get an opportunity to look at these gifts properly.. so as I opened them again, I see Santa has been very generous to me this year... Here is a little fridge magnet with a message for me... *smiles*... This Santa obviously has a little problem with me cleaning the house all the time...

These two Santas obviously know how mental I am about elephants and peacocks... *smiles*

This gorgeous peacock pendant below has given me an idea... Can't wait to show you... what I've got in mind... *smiles*..

And to truly bring a smile to my face.... is this key hanger... Isn't that gorgeous?? This Santa knows me too well... I haven't put it up as yet... so more pictures to follow...

One Santa knew I had my eyes on this for a long, long time... *smiles*.. I know you can still see the packaging... coz I haven't really unwrapped my gifts as yet... That will happen in the weeks to come.. and all these will have a special place in my heart and in my home!!

Thank you... to all my little Santas...

I know this is already a long post... but I simply had to share two posts from last week!!

I'm surely going to try these cup cakes from Flavours!! Watch out... for next week.. Sims & I are having 'mom-daughter' time... making these.. She loved the recipe, so its a definite hit!!

Oh.. and I've always hopped on to Lisa's Room with a View for ideas and inspiration... This particular idea... simply stole my heart... So pop in.. and have a look...

Remember.. its always nice to leave a comment... and even better if you follow them... Go on and spread the love... *smiles*..

and while you are here... join the party this week... I'm not going to bore you with the rules... if you don't remember... have a look at last weeks party... *smiles*

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  1. The peacock pendant looks lovely... Wondering what you have in mind !

  2. Clean house.. waste Life..!!! thats funny..
    Nice sun-set Patty..

  3. Hey Patty, what a great weekend you had with beautiful sunset....I love that magnet..need one in my house...joining the party after a long time...thanks for hosting:)

  4. The sun set looks so pretty
    and great gifts :) :)

  5. Beautiful gifts... !! Lovely clicks of sunset... Have a fab week ahead !

  6. i liked all the gifts which u got from Santa..:)..& I am jealous of u now Patty..:)

  7. i liked all the gifts which u got from Santa..:)..& I am jealous of u now Patty..:)

  8. Beautiful sunset...lovely gifts and wonderful pics:)

  9. Nice gifts I love the cleaning home one..Sumtimes I am too tires cleaning my house.

    My mom in law feels I am obsessed with decorating my house.

  10. You lucky lady...what gorgeous gifts:) Love that sunset.

  11. They all look beautiful


  12. I am jealous about all the gifts u got they are lovelyyy

  13. Beautiful gifts just for you, stunning sunset also just for you, and a lovely blog just for us.
    It is nice to know you took a short break, you deserved it.

  14. Hi patty ,how r you?:)you seem to have a lovely weekend and those gifts are awesome:)

  15. Lovely Patty! You have wonderful Santas around you :-)

  16. Oh!I love all the little knick knacks!Your Santas have been really amazing!!lovely gifts!!!

  17. Thank you for featuring my closet, Patty. I popped in to check out what was new here and had no idea. I will be visiting others here.

  18. I was so glad to see someone else who loves elephants and peacocks. I have an elephant collection and most people say elephants? Why? And I have some beautiful plates with peacocks on them. Beautiful photos! Really enjoyed them!


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