Wednesday 14 March 2012

...Add on the bling...

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday to you all...How has your week been until now? Mine has been very busy!, but I took some time away to complete an outfit, I had picked up from Fab India during my trip to India in november. Now this is a pretty silk kurta in blue with some red pipings...As I was running short of time in India, I just got a red chudidhar made and a red crushed duppata to go along with the dress.
I had some plans to dress up the dupatta but just never had the time to start working on it.
Anyway, I have been snatching some time to work on the dupatta in the last 3 days and here is how the dress turned out...
P.S. Dont miss the gorgeous Afgani pendant that my dear friend Harshi of HarshiCreates had gifted me...I think it is perfect and goes so well with the outfit!

...the blue silk dress...

...the blue silk dress  with the red chudidhar and crushed dupata...

...Need to pretty up the dupatta...Add some lace? Add the embroidery borders that I had made?...

...I need some bling!!!...

...done!..So I put  together some silver Gota lace, some blue & silver lace and the mirror embroidery border that was lying at home unused. The red outline round the mirror goes with the red color of the dupatta and the blue with the blue color of the dress...and the silver gives the BLING!!

...Now for the jewellry!...I thought  the gorgeous silver Afgani pendant with the blue beads and red stones from my collection goes so well with the dress...

...the final look... desi, different, has a subtle bling and very me...

...Did you like how the outfit came out?...let me know, please

Until next week...Adios


  1. cool pendant..i loved the color combo blue an red too :)

  2. the pendant is very pretty....and the kurti is also very nice, i think its from their indigo collection, which has got some very nice pieces..i bought one too last year...anyways, the dupatta work is really cool!!

  3. Awesome awesome awesome!! Just love how its all come together. Beautiful Anpu.
    Love, Harshi

  4. The jewelerry so pretty. I just it.

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  6. I loved how u spruced up the plain duppatta into something so delightfully ethnic and pretty! loved the duppatta ...And the Pendant..well it took my breath waya! All in all a 10/10 outfit!

  7. I loved the way you turned your dupatta to a fabulous piece...

  8. Waooo..amazing ..Love lucky women..have fun!!

  9. YOWZAA and totally gorgeous.


  10. you are too good at accessorizing! be it your home or your wardrobe! lovely combo of blue and red! love it!

  11. Hi Anu,
    This is Priya (ex- from Charlie cutover team). Hope u remember me :)

    I love the way you designed the Dupatta, its just fabulous.

    You should introduce your own brand in the market.


  12. The dress is TRANSFORMED! Great sense of color (red and blue is a super combo), aesthetics and BLING too! ;) Its gorgeous.

  13. love the stuff.. so so pretty

  14. Oh my goddd this pendant is soooo beautifullllllllll

  15. you rock Anpu, your creativity is amazing!!

  16. Love how you transformed the dupatta. I love the Afghani pendant as well ;-)

  17. Lovu lovu, oh my lovu, you are awesom howu (tune from kolaveri ;)

  18. Shruthi...yemma kolaveri panere!..:-) much

    Thanks everyone, for your awesome comments...


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