Saturday 17 March 2012

Haslemere, UK

I’ve been to London before…. But to me it looked like a cleaner version of Mumbai, with a little more glamour to it.

However, I never imagined the country side had so much more. I went for a training course (its preferable not to talk about the training course... really??!!) to Haslemere and here are a few pictures.

It was pouring on our way…

Look at the lovely country side..

This is hotel we stayed in..

I sat on a bench near by and sipped my coffee, watching the river and the ducks in their own world. I could sit there forever… but my coffee got over!

My fascination for hotel rooms…

I’d go again… and drive through the country side.
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  1. The first photograph looks awesome...

  2. WOW! Beautiful Picts! I have a fascination for country homes. They are beautiful....It's very charming...

    Thanx for sharing

  3. That looks wonderful...! I have been to London and I didn't care for it at all. I love Paris and New York, but London -- not so much. However, I agree, the surrounding countryside is gorgeous. I took the train to Scotland, and also to Salisbury, and I enjoyed both trips, looking out the window at the beautiful countryside.

    Gorgeous photos here!

  4. hey u are just awesome!! love the snaps!

  5. Thank you for such lovely comments!! Yes.. Kanchan.. I have a huge fascination for country homes... Wait for my Switzerland post.. I only have pics of homes.. none of me!!

    Anu - you are most welcome.. If you want more suggestions.. write to me.. and I'll try and help!

    Jo - Thanks for the comment... from you it makes such a huge difference!! I love Paris & Scotland as well.. But Switzerland was my favourite... The Swiss trains are just out of tihs world.. and looking around is like.. viewing a painting!!

  6. Thank you Lan!!! sooooo much!! Keeps me inspired!

  7. Just dropped by to say hello and look what I stumbled upon! :) What an awesome blog you have! Shall come back for more!Was going through the pictures and they`re beautiful. Incidentally, I visited the English Countryside last summer too and did put up a few pictures in my blog. Its just picture perfect. I was at Grasmere, Lake District.

  8. You have a translator of GOOGLE in the page of the blog of the Spanish to the Englishman.
    You have a blog fantastic. Regards

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. love it when you find new bloggers. You have some amazing scenery here. I haven’t been to UK since 93, wow that’s going back awhile now. I’d love to travel again, Australia is so far away for the rest of the world so travelling can be expensive.

  10. Even I luved countryside :) ur post brought back memories :) happy weekend


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