Wednesday 9 January 2013

Garden decor ~ piano

Who would think of this?? 

At a park in Moscow .... an old grand piano was used as garden decor ....

I truly thought this was super creative.... 

Here is a closer look at the piano with the flowers.... 

Impressed? I was for sure.... 

Sometime this month, I have a post coming up on 'Garden Tips'... *smiles* ... If you've done anything creative in your garden or green space... please email me on 


  1. Lovely decor with the piano..very creatively used. Moscow sure is a wonderful city..most people do not plan a holiday that side due to language issues however, that apart Moscow and particularly St Petersburg are beautiful cities in Russia really worth a visit.

  2. This is so coool, loved the idea!

  3. soo innovative....really out-of-the box.
    Awesome stuff



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