Wednesday 11 March 2015

Rangoon Tea House

A strange looking sign board led us to the fleet of stairs, further leading us to ‘Rangoon Tea House’. As a tourist you wouldn’t know this place exists. A quaint and charming little tea house.

Rangoon Tea House draws inspiration from the heritage and tradition of the old city, the wonderful food and vibrant atmosphere of down town.

So we ordered traditional tea... which comes is so many combinations that left us amazed... 

And when the samosas came.. it felt like home!! 

I will share more images on the decor of this place in my next post... but for now... look at the ceiling fans.. and the long beautiful windows... Each window had unique display!! 

The lighting was different... quirky.. compared to the rest of the decor.. 

Don't forget to follow them on facebook.. Below are pictures of what they call 'bao'.. similar to 'pav'

If ever in Myanmar, you must visit the Rangoon Tea House. Here is how to get there... 
Address :  77 Pansodan Rd, (Lower Block), First Floor, Kyauktada Township Yangon,Myanmar
Telephone :  09 517 8329 and Opening Hours: 8:00 Am to 10:00 PM


  1. Okay! So I love those giant mugs of tea. And those fans are so cute!!
    Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a wonderful trip.



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