Monday 27 April 2015

Manjula's den

What are you waiting for?? Come on in!!

Welcome to Manjula's living room

Oh wait.. Just before that is another tiny wall.. Do you know what this is??

A broken Shoe rack!! and Manjula has portrayed various human expressions on it. 

Mostly made of terracotta..

The pic in the center is her younger sons old shoe, and his milk bottle cover.

The one on the left is terracotta pots with wooden ladles hanging with warli motifs on it. 

So once again.. Welcome in..

This kerala mural painting is called Ananthasayanam which basically depicts lord Vishnu resting on a serpent anantha with his head resting on Laxmi devi, the goddess of wealth and serveral other gods around them. 

In the dining area is another kerala mural of Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles. 

Don't forget to leave her a message, and inspire her.. and ofcoure check her blog too!! 

A big thank you to The Craft Safari for introduced me to Manjula and her stunning home.

Don't forget to check out Manjulas facebook page : My Art at Home Studio
and her new blog at My Art @ home Studio


  1. Awesome...just loved the way Manjula incorporated various forms of art in her home decor. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely house... loved that wood work with bells at the entrance. And also the wooden display shelf between the sofa n dinning table !!!

  3. Every corner of the house speaks creativity...lovely recycled project.I enjoyed the tour of Manjula's home.

  4. Love her home so much full of life

  5. Awesome post !! Beautifully decorated living-cum-dining space .... And awesome collection of wall art... :)

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  7. Thank you Patricia for featuring my home here!!!

  8. Thank you all liking my decor and for all the encouragement !! I am new to the blogging world :) wud luv to hear from all of u. Thank u all once again !!

  9. Awesome . Lovely house . Tips for home decoration which will help you to transform your house into ‘your home:’

  10. Very nice design, what kind of lighting have you set up to finish off the ambiance? Hi Living Bangalore| Best Interior Designers In Bangalore | Interior Decorators In Bangalore

  11. Like that painting of the Ananthasayanam. If one looks closely, one can see many stories embedded in all the fine paintings inbetween.
    (love that big open balcony which allows ample light)


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