Monday 15 June 2015

Cabinets at Manjulas

Every corner, every single cabinet has something gorgeous to look at... 

Or has an arrangement with some element of DIY in it.. Like the box below.. 

Interesting alignments of shelves.. to make it look unique!!  

I love the reflection on the tray..

And lastly her little puja area..

What are the elements you liked about her home?

A big thank you to The Craft Safari for introduced me to Manjula and her stunning home.

Don't forget to check out Manjulas facebook page : My Art at Home Studio
and her new blog at My Art @ home Studio


  1. O owe to see all these beautiful decor of worship room. There is every thing is in their right pattern place and gives us a new look of worship room decor like this.
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  2. Wow, she has turned her home beautiful with warli paintings.. Good work!


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