Friday 26 June 2015

Balcony decor

What do you do when you walk down a beautiful street of homes??

I normally gaze at peoples balconies ..

Today, Im featuring a few balconies of this gorgeous little building in Granada, Spain. These pictures were clicked during our holiday last year. I totally loved Spain and 15 days were truly not enough to capture everything.. 

Anyway.. I'm still amazed at home even these little balconies were so well decorated. Imagine what the homes might look like.. 

And there had to be a princess.. 

Displaying plates was very common around Spain... specially in these blue paint colours 

I like how this little guy is placed, outside the balcony in the little groove of the building.. Utilise every little space available. 

Now Im sure you are simply as amazed as I am... More coming up next week.. *smiles*


  1. Awesome decor, I love the Disney figures!

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