Monday 14 September 2015

The Alhambra Granada 4

The most popluar and gorgeous place at the Alhambra, Granada is the Nasrid Palaces. Todays posts is a little preview to the Palaces. Infact the harem is part of the Nasrid Palaces. 

Now this is how stunning the floor is... imagine the rest!! 

Against the popular belief of what a Harem (HarĂ©n) was, this one was simply the king's home. The Harem was not a place where the sultan kept his wives isolated, constantly under the vigilant eyes of the eunuchs and where nobody else was allowed. The Harem was just his calm and normal home, without official receptions or protocol, the place where he could spend time with his family. A legend tells a story of Mohammed, who was often visited by friends and the faithful. One day he was playing with his grandchildren when a group of the faithful arrived to his house and, without asking for permission came into the room where Mohammed was playing on the floor with the children. Neither the prophet, nor his disciples enjoyed the scene and after that Mohammed started telling his followers that it was important to fit out a part of the house for the exclusive use of the family, a place visitors would not be allowed to enter. 

Located at the back of the Mexuar, this oratory (oratorio) was restored in 1917, as it was in a terrible state of repair due to the explosion of a magazine in the valley of the river Darro in 1590. The front wall has four little balconies, with twin arches and small windows. The mihrab, very decorated, has a horseshoe arch with voussoirs and several inscriptions that refer to the precepts of the Koran and praise Mohammed V.

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