Monday 14 March 2016

Safal Arts

My love for Warli... and anything arty, makes my chat with Safal even more interesting. I'm amazed at how shes kept up the good work & is also teaching and conducting workshops, ensuring that the art passes on and remains alive. I truly enjoyed getting to know Safal....

Tell us a little about yourself 
Currently living in USA,originally from Mumbai. I am self-motivated artist. By education I am an Engineer but an artist by heart.
Since childhood I have been attracted towards art and craft. I love to decorate my house with handmade stuffs then it could be paintings or craft. The simplicity and the elegance of warli style impressed me so I learnt this art as a hobby. Warli looks very simple however it requires patience and dedication.
After moving to USA my hobby turned into my passion, I started decorating my house with my paintings and handmade stuffs.

What apart from warli, what other mediums & colours do you use?
Apart from traditional warli art, I love to give modern look to it  by adding  colors and patterns on various mediums. Although I work on many mediums like paper, fabric, wood, clay, ceramic, glass, metal; colors are always acrylic as it's fun medium to work with and easy. Apart from paintings; I am more interested in making home decor stuffs. It gives me more inspiration to paint by looking at my art increasing beauty of corners of home. I also do DIY craft projects which includes felt craft, recycled art. Among all my artworks hand painted spoons and coasters are my favorite because they are much appreciated :P...

Do you teach art as well? 
Teaching art and conducting workshops for kids gives me immense satisfaction and inspiration to explore new subjects.

What about exhibitions?
With lot of encouragement from my husband, family and friends I started participating in art exhibition in USA. By getting shortlisted among professional artists in art galleries in USA, I am getting wonderful exposure to showcase my talent. This gives me happiness that I am introducing people here this beautiful tribal art of India which is not even that much well known in India too. For my success my husband has main role in my life, without his support I could not take my hobby into professional level. In future apart from warli I would love to try other folk arts too.

Where can we find you?
To see my more artworks, you can visit my
Facebook page:
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Instagram: Safalarts

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