Friday 29 September 2017

Boho themed birthday

A Nutella themed cake for the nutella lover ... 
Isn't this cake impressive.
You've got to order your cakes from Moonface, if you are based in Dubai. 

We had a little drinks station, giving the girls a choice of cold coffee, a variety of juices, and fruits to put in your drink & ice tea. Ofcourse they loved the choices! 

and i think I loved it too!! 

This is the table setup with food & other snacks!! 

A little cup cake station for the girls to put their toppings.. 

Fresh waffle station!! This was a huge success .. and the girls totally loved the choice of toppings & the writing...

Finally the give away bags. 

With a little thank you note! I love organising birthday parties for kids. But my girls are now growing up too soon... *sobs!

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