Sunday 1 February 2009

Peak into my nest

A sneak peak into my home….. I always have loads of stories to tell!! Hence I chose blogging… The story behind my painted walls is so long that the pages of my blog are not enough. The yellow and orange walls, being my inspirations, but the hard work of a lot of people. So thank you – Lesley, Arafat, Amrith & Rose…. for always being a part of my madness. This is what you see as soon as you open the doors to my abode .. The Ganeshji was a special gift from my brothers – Sunil & Lesley, all the way from their Bangalore trip. I instantly fell in love with HIM, and cleared everything else to give Him this most prominent place. This did not survive the travel. It took a few days and two pair of hands (mine & Sunil’s) to get this to where it stands today.
Can you tell…. That we’ve recreated it?
Can you see my love for colours... The orange and the yellow merge...
Orange is my new favourite colour. I do a lot of experiments on this wall all year long and will post a few of them in the coming months. Currently it holds, three paintings gifted by Savitha Aunty… all the way from Delhi.
Sit down and hold your breathe before you enter my home.
These bells hang on the inside of my door… Ooh! The welcoming sound of these bells ringing..
As you can see… I absolutely love bells !
This is the view when you are ready to walk out… The green pot is a gift from Mumbai, from my friend Karishma.
Oh… Warli (the art form) inspires me. It depicts the everyday insignificant yet meaningful lives of villagers!! More introduction to Warli in my coming blogs… so keep watching.
My younger daughter rings the bells (remember, I love bells). Don’t miss out the mini bells. This Ganeshji, all the way from Mumbai – thank you Alita! As you can see… the entrance of my nest (and the passage to my life) highlights the love of the people in my life! Welcome to my home… Colours and corners of my living space to be showcased soon. Do let me know what you think, suggest or comment or just write to me on


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog Aditi!! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Dear Patricia,

    Before I comment on your blog, thanks for appreciating my writing...You have a beautiful name...seems you are a princess :)...and am sure you are a princess after looking at your home decor...the decor is very ethnic and stylish and i specially love the ganpatiji idols, they just make the whole ambience look pure and subtle...


  3. Hi Nikita, Thanks for coming to see my blog!! Sadly.. I'm not a princess at all!! True.. I love and adore Ganeshji as well! Thanks once again!

  4. Patty you have such an 'Indian' home. I love the warm colours!

  5. The colours and tones around your house are very warm and well assiociated. I guess that's why we feel so confortable when we come to your home.

  6. Thank you Emilie for the lovely comment!!

  7. Patricia...dont tell me this is your house..if it is ..then I need a invitation or Ill barge in your house anytime..

    Lovely and very much near to my dream house ..

  8. Thank you so much Smi for visiting my blog. Yes this is my home!! You are more than welcome anytime! Do come back to visit and check out my living area post soon!!

  9. Beautiful house Patricia....loved the the brightness & positive energy flowing....from all sides...


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