Wednesday 11 February 2009

Red for Valentine

I kept thinking… why red?? Why red for Valentine? Why not Pink? Blue? Green? Why red?

I believe red is the colour that signifies strength, power & passion. It is he most powerful of colours. It stands for love, blood, revolution.., now isn’t that enough power? Red presumably grabs the most attention!! Its ironically speed combined with a dash of danger. Red is vibrant, volatile & explosive.

My little knowledge of Feng Shui states that red is the colour of the element fire. It brings energy into your environment. Fire is the symbol of divine energy. It can be both destructive & constructive / creative. You need to balance the colour Red in your house. Red holds the energy of the sun & life. Chinese believe this to be the colour of love, luck, happiness & wealth. It is the sign of richness & luxury.

So I though I’ll spice up my room with the colour red… and here is what came out of it.

Thank you Rose… for being a part of my madness (as usual)!! Two ideas to decorate your bedside table for Valentines ! A red candle can zing any room. Hope all of you are preparing for Valentines – I’d love to hear from you!! More post on Valentines dekor to follow... so keep reading!!


  1. First time on your blog. Came from Indian summer. Lovely photos of your home and great tips for valentines day. Nice write ups . Will keep visiting.


  2. Thank you Vinita for visiting my blog!! Also, thank you for the lovely comments. I'm new to blogging, hence all tips and much appreciated. Thank you! Patricia

  3. i miss your pretty home!! Its so super fun decorating it all the time! :) Your room looks pink rather than red; that being said, i like pink so much better.. its softer and beautiful! <3

  4. Thank you Resh.. I miss you guys too!! I think the pink effect is my failed attempt at photoshop!!! I dont know if I'm making the pics look any better or worse??!!! Wait till I master it OK...

  5. I love how it or red - it's beautiful either way!

  6. I didn'y know you drink red wine!! Is it because you like the color RED? Anyway congrats on the creative blog/page you have made. Its definitively a lot more creative than you work.


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