Saturday, 4 April 2009

4th Birthday 'Dora Theme Party'

On Friday, my house was transformed into a Party Hall to celebrate my younger daughters 4th Birthday. (Thank you Sampoorana for the lovely message!). This is what we did…. Rose & I were a bit nervous about having 18 kids at home. This is the first time I’ve had a kiddie party at home. It was a Dora – The Explorer theme party!!
Arrows leading the way to my home…

“The party is here”… the main door!!
The archway leading to the party hall… with multicoloured balloons. We had streamers hanging from the ceilings…
My orange wall…
The kids made this…. (with a little bit of help of course!). Simone (my older kid)... made the flowers from crepe paper... we had these all around the house!! They looked great!!
The piƱata and gift bags…
My girls and I made a few star catchers around the house… using Dora stickers.
We played a few games… ‘Dora Says’, ‘Pin the tail on Boots’, ‘Musical Caps’, ‘Dora’s Corners’….
With my little knowledge of Photoshop, I made certificates for the winners…
The door that leads to the ‘dining area’… We transformed the kids bedroom to a place where they all could sit down for a meal.
Hired a few tables and chairs… and the kids had a leisurely meal.

The plates were set with ‘blow horns’ and ‘caps’… with Dora all over them!!!
We cut the cake…
A few goodies… to eat after…
We had Dora, Boots and Swiper on the burgers as well….
It was all well worth it… The kids had a great time!!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing these… as much as we enjoyed decorating the place.


  1. Hi ,Lovely .Its so evident that you took great pains .But it has come out superb.Any way belated happy birthday to your daughter.

  2. Very impressive... as always!
    Am sure the kids had a great time!

  3. Wow, you've been very busy organizing such a wonderful party and what attention to detail, wow, very impressive with the sit down meal! Happy Birthday Yvonne!

  4. I have a son on 4 and a girl on 6 so I know all about the birthday party planning. It looks like you did a very good job. I love the theme!

  5. Hi Patricia,

    You are simply a wonderful mother apart from being a fantastic home decorator...kuddos to you...fantastic work...there is no doubt that the kids must have had a blast at your place...and last but not the birthday wishes for your daughter...

  6. Patti!!! You & Rose & the girlies did such a great job with the decor! I love the 'dining area' and all the little details! Wish I'd been there! :(

  7. Yvonne! Happy Birthday!!!
    Lovely party, Pat. With such a fun theme I wish I was a kid again.

  8. Patty, I love the whole set up, the decors.. They are all pretty and adorable.. I missed this so much...

  9. I loved it! the decor, the food, the party, the noise - it was all fab! I especially liked the way the girls room looked with the tables and chairs - so pretty!!!

  10. hey patricia,
    my daughter would have loved to attend this party.she is also recently 4.
    a big happy birthday to your daughter.
    loved the decor :)

  11. Hey Happy Birthday to Yvonne!! Mommy it was a job well done !!! A loud thumping pat on your back. Lovely setting....absolute fantasyland...the bedroom tranformed into a place where the kids could eat looked amazing. You must be pretty exhausted after the party planning and post 18 kids ka hulabaloo at home.

  12. Hey Patty, Belated Happy Birthday to Yvonne!!
    The decorations are fabulous .. Very Well planned !


  13. Hey Pat, Belated bday wishes to the little Dora fan. Awesome! I am bookmarking this post for my kid's next!:) Excellent job!

  14. hi bhabhi
    vow, its expected only from you, again i repeat i would love to be your child in my next birth. all the pains you take comes out to be great. xtremely sorry, yva's b'day skipped my mind. convey my love &best wishes to her. Simi is showing that she carries all her mother's creativity.


  15. Pat, Great job. I am sure your daughter and her friends had a blast.

  16. Yes.. we sure did have a blast!! Thank you all for your lovely comments!!

    @Shalini - I've been more busy with year end than the party... really!!

  17. lovely ...i always liked birthdays..happy birthday to yr daughter..

  18. thank you for your lovely comments patricia. your blogs are most interesting too, though i think i will comment on this one.
    i am enthralled with this birthday party. it makes me wish i was a child again. what the heck, maybe my next birthday bash will look just like this!

  19. hey Patricia, I am damn sure your party must be a huge hit....loved the decor....I wish to be child again :-)

    Wish your daughter belated Happy Birthday from me !!!

    God Bless

  20. Wow Patricia! This is awesome. The effort you've put into the party is so evident. Love the ideas - the flowers on the curtain, the sit-down area for kids, the decor on the burgers, the pointers to your home, all of it.

    You need a huge pat on the back for this!

  21. Belated wishes to lil' Yvonne, wow, that was a great party Pat, forget the kids, i would have enjoyed being there too :p

  22. Hi Patricia! Happy belated birthday...
    18 kids at home? That was a long time ago experience... Amazing! ;)

    Blogtrotter is showing you Brasilia. Enjoy and have a great long Easter weekend!

  23. Thanks for the mention Patty. Looks like it was one amazing party which every kid would dream of. Your girls are very lucky to have a mom like you.

    Great decoration and very impressive photoshop work.

  24. Wow that's a lovely party organized :) and your daughter how lovely happy birthdy to her :)

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  26. HI PAT



  27. you've been very busy organizing such a wonderful party and what attention to detail, wow, very impressive with the sit down meal! Happy Birthday

  28. Thanks for sharing your ideas..

  29. hey where did you hire such cute tables & chairs from??


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