Thursday 4 June 2009

Tham & Videgard Hansson

As I’m preparing for another busy & hectic weekend, I’d like to sign off with an inspiration…. I stumbled upon these marvellous architects & designers from THAM & VIDEGÅRD HANSSON ARKITEKTER based in Stockholm. They work in the field of architecture, planning & Interior design. This one is my favourite… What do you think about the ‘Ceiling of decorated tiles’?
Doesn't the kitchen look great!!


  1. LOVELY:::::it can transform an yboring ceiling to saomething very artistic....excellent

  2. Wow, tiles on the ceiling, loving that idea.

  3. The first time i saw a decorated ceiling was in an episode of Debbie Travis, Painted House. And it was a faux-tin ceiling .. and it was beyond gorgeous.
    The ceiling looks great .. Wonder how it will be to cook in such a kitchen ..would you be inspired to cook more ..or less for fear of dirtying it up ??
    Happy weekend !

    PS: Thanks for the comments on my quilt. I am encouraged to do more now :)

  4. lovely!
    inspiration to look up!

  5. absolutely! that's such a design design statement, and so very do-able :)

    Thanks for sharing Patricia!


  6. I agree.....beautiful. Such a simple, lovely idea- curious why it isn't done more....

  7. Yes, the designs are beautiful.

  8. Oh, wow! That ceiling is stunning!

  9. wow,the kitchen looks great.amazing how the ceilings are.........


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