Friday 17 July 2009

Camille Allen – Artist Dolls & Sculptures

This is the last post about the Doll Exhibition. I will leave you with my favourite artist – Camille Allen. This Canadian born artist learnt this art for 8 years!! She actually started or learnt making large life size dolls. Then one day, from bits of clay left over from a larger doll, she created a miniature baby. She loved this so much… that she continued to experiment and make them… Here are a few of her creations..


This is Camille Allen at work. Please read more about her


While we stood there… she made the eyes, mouth and features of this little baby….

IMG_8915IMG_8916 IMG_8917IMG_8918

The babies are made of polymer clay. Once crafted, this clay has to be treated at high temperature of 265 to 275 deg F.

I’m off for a long weekend.. and will leave you with a few of her babies…. The details, the eyes, the mouth, the wrinkles… are truly the work of an extremely talented artist…

IMG_8906 IMG_8890 IMG_8892 IMG_8893 IMG_8894 IMG_8896 IMG_8898IMG_8902IMG_8901


  1. Can I pick my jaw up from where its hit the floor? Those babies are so true-to-life and absolutely cute!

  2. hi dear,
    i really cant make them apart from the real ones.i must say what precision!!thanks for sharing the great work.

  3. Whoa! Just terrific!
    Thanks a ton for sharing this.

  4. those are the Cutest things I have ever seen! so eautiful...thanks for sharing Patricia!

  5. What I saw here is something new:*about Camille..she sis gorgeos,amazing,I love her,she inspired me...Thank you for this posting!
    All the best,
    Ana Maria

  6. Camille's work is beyond comparison... Incredible... !! I just have no words to describe her talent....!!

    I have read about her before but forgot her name - Thanks a ton and hugs for sharing these links !!Loved them all...!!

    Have a great weekend !!


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