Tuesday 4 August 2009

In Jaipur

I'm in Jaipur today... and completely fascinated with... the dolls... the doors....
the lamps....
the windows...
the wall murals...
the architecture....
and everything else....
I'll do a better post when I return...


  1. I fell in love with Jaipur the moment I stepped into the city. It's an artist's paradise for all the reasons you mentioned and more!

  2. oh have fun! I dream of going there not just for the sheer colour and architecture, but also for the silver. do pick up their gorgeoous ornaments...especiaally their kundan work...ooh i love them! cant wait to see the pics...take plenty of them!

  3. Hey, Have a great vacation and while at Jaipur do visit Chowki Dhani..you will love it.

  4. Yes, there's so much to see in Jaipur!

  5. Its so difficult to pick just one thing that you really love about Jaipur isn't it? Its like an overload of everything artistic.

  6. You certainly had an amazing time in Jaipur.
    I visited the city about two years ago and loved it.
    I hope you get to see the rest of Rajasthan.

  7. My dog shredded my Indian doll to bits today. I'm so upset! Looking on the bright side, perhaps it means I should take a trip to Jaipur!


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