Thursday 20 August 2009

Jaipur Hotel

There are loads of beautiful hotels in Jaipur. I’ll do a post on a heritage hotel later… but first I want to show you the Holiday Inn Jaipur – not only because we stayed there… but for the following reasons -
The courtyard was beyond impressive!! I have a soft corner for courtyards and this totally took my heart away -
The view from the top -
This was always filled with flowers -
Another view of the courtyard …
There were flowers everywhere…
And paintings adorned very wall … of kings & queens …
This is the wall at the entrance of the hotel… I heart this wall… its beautiful…
A closer look… I’m going to do this (below) on a small wall in my home for sure.
If anyone of you has the guidelines on how to go about with this, what materials to use, etc, please email me on


  1. I also just returedn from Jaipur. We stayed at Shiv Vilas, which is also a magnificent property. Did you get to go to Taj Rambagh? It is unbelievably beautiful! I fell in love with the place!

  2. Lovely....I am yet to visit Rajasthan.

  3. oh so beautiful!!!!!i love the courtyard and the flowers in water loks beautiul. Its always there in urli at my place!!!!

  4. i did a wall piece like this...about 4 years back...but on paper with turned out well and the best part was i could take it with me whenever we moved houses...if u want i can share the snap of the same

  5. @D - only if I knew... I could have caught up with you there!!!

    @Veda - Yes.. it looks lovely in an urli.. I dont have one...

    @Purplehomes - Please share the images & the details on how to do it with me.. I'd be very grateful!!

  6. Hi Patricia,
    lovely photos, seems you had great time in Jaipur...will definitely wait for your heritage hotel post:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and motivating comment!
    Keep blogging!

  7. What a superb place, Holiday Inn, Jaipur. I'm sure the guests will return for more stays and pass the word around too.

  8. I loved the photo of the mirror work too. Looks like a lovely place to stay.

  9. All of Rajasthan is just so awesome :) Lovely pics of the hotel

    The mirror work wall sounds like a great idea.

  10. Wow, great photos. I have no idea how to recreate this but good luck.

  11. A beautiful place to stay indeed.

  12. thank you for the exotic tour of holiday inn!

  13. The mirror work looks so beautiful... I'd love to try, too... Maybe painted papier-mâché will do. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful pictures!

  14. jaipur sounds like, one blink and you miss somehting beautiful. I've read so many posts on jaipur- each one fascinating and colourful. Especially their heritage hotels. So lucky u went there to see this with your own eyes. I have to be satified seeing it through your lenses.

  15. Really a beautiful place for tourist accommodation. i will be waiting for your posting on heritage hotels in Jaipur.

  16. This work is called lipan work. Its done using mseal or ceramic powder too can be used as a variant. It is done on mdf board. U can google on lipan work, i am sure the procedure will be explained.I am yet to try it out.

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