Friday 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Sims decided last week that she wants a Halloween party. And trust me... a week isnt enough for me to organise a party for 'her highness'... but... it was great fun... Here are a few pictures... Welcome... The bats had entered before you...
The bats were everywhere...
Sims idea of cobwebs... & there were witches too...
The kids were ever so amused by these spiders stuck on an IKEA lamp...
Simple dekor.... pumpkin candles...
We made the bats... and the paper lamps...
Two cups of tea... kept me sane..
The table was all set with 'hugs & kisses' for a huge treat...
Our paper lamps...
the spiders were everywhere...
The pretty muffins...
and ofcouse the traditional burgers...
and best of all.... jelly... The kids absolutely loved it!!
Some special treats...
Loot bags for the kids...
I had a great time... I hope the kids did as well... Let me know what you think of my simple decor??!!


  1. Hey, that's neat work for a party on such short notice. Those pumpkin face lanterns are really cute :)

  2. all done at such a short notice, but so apt and so neat and correct.... and soooo original .... its fantastic. Every thing done in the most simple manner but yet the outcome looked FABULOUS !!!

  3. Happy Halloween.Lovely party decor.Esp,the pumpkin faces

  4. wow! the party decor looks awesome!!! and sooo much in such short time! u r one super mom!!! really! how did u make those paper lanterns?? pumpkin shaped??

  5. I think you did a fabulous job and everything looks "spooktacular"!!
    Happy Halloween!
    Best wishes, NM.

  6. Simple? You must be kidding! It's awesome!

  7. Awesome Decor......Kids must have enjoyed. How you did those pumpkin lamps?

  8. I never knew this blog existed !! adding to my blog roll right away !!!!!

    lovely decorations.. boy thats a lot of hardwork !!!!

    amazingly despite being spooky it all feels friendly !! I guess thats the best part !!!!!

  9. Thank you all for such lovely comments.. The paper lamps were the easiest...

    Its a jam jar... covered with A4 size paper, painting orange... and i drew the pumpkin faces on it...

    The bats are just cut outs... using black craft paper..

  10. wow...super there anything you can't pull off !! awesome

  11. sooper sooper!!! really spooky!! loved the decor. I miss halloween in india hahaha!!
    But I miss the witch's broom!!??!!

  12. pretty awesome stuff :) loved the paper lamps and the spiders crawling everywhere..

  13. What fun and such an impressive result.


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