Wednesday 28 October 2009

Lunch @ Sonja's

I’m blessed with few friends… yet with each one of them, I share special moments of my life. Sonja is one such friend. We’ve been friends for a long time now… Yesterday as I spent the afternoon having lunch & chatting with Sonja… I realised how special she is to me!!!

We sat there discussing & planning ‘my twinkle’s’ 7th birthday party!! Its been a long time. 8 years ago, I sat nervously waiting for my test results, in the waiting area of the hospital…. Sonja sat beside me patiently like a huge pillar of hope & support. As I went back home… Matt & Sonja had a little gift ready to congratulate me… These are my special moments with Sonja.

Years have passed and we don’t see each other as often. But I know she is a phone call away and she has the same assurance. (or atleast I hope!)

I didn’t carry my camera yesterday, so here is a peak into her home via my mobile phone camera.

Don’t you just love neutrals, browns & beiges?? I love these colours… specially in her home..

Here are her priced possessions!! I can do a seperate post on Sons tea sets... She's a collector and has a few extremely pretty sets... The typical Sonja type!!!
Promise to do a proper post on her home… coz each room is beautiful & extremely elegantly decorated.


  1. Love the picture of the tea set.

    Incidentally, I've been trying to procure a for-keeps tea set but have no idea what to look for. Could you ask your friend to help people like me choose something that's timeless, pretty and practical? I don't even know where to get something like that from and which brands to look for (if any). I'd appreciate any tips she can give. Thanks!

  2. I can add nothing more but to agree with absolutely each word of praise that you have used in your post. The color combinations and the interior looks awesome! Awaiting your post about complete coverage of the house... would love to see more of these beautifully decorated rooms..

    - Pixellicious Photos

  3. Lovely porcelain collection.

  4. superb collection out ther...u surely need to püt a post altogether

  5. Have to show Sonja's teaset collection to my mom! She collects too:)
    Waiting to see more of Sonja's home.

  6. Wow...what dainty teasets..tho i am not a tea drinker..but my heart does miss a beat when i see pretty teasets ;)

  7. I know what you mean by your friends. I can count mine on 1 hand, but thats how I want it to be.

  8. Surely you have an eye for elegance.........Thanks for posting beauty.

  9. Wow! Nice home and lovely collection there!! Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Did I tell you I have always loved that header pic of yours !!! its wonderful... I have to click a pic like that sooon !!!

  11. hey patricia,
    the collection is awesome!!iam late in responding but hope that u wills ee the msg and let your friend know that a thing of beauty is joy foerever!!(i think this borrowed line does justice to her fabulous pieces)


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