Tuesday 16 February 2010

My Home, My Magic – home tour Feb 10

Did you think the love vanished after Valentine’s day?? Continuing on the topic of love, here is a home where each corner is over flowing with love… This is the home of my blogger friend Meenakshi, who blogs at Niwas-where our heart resides!

This is what she has to say -

Niwas is a home of memories, moments, good times, laughter and prayers. I remember when we bought this house I was not sure what I would do as far as decor goes. Being a first time home buyer I had no experience but what I had was imagination and patience. We still have a long way to go but I am happy with the steps we have taken.. .. I love the touch of India as it reminds me of home and most of the stuff you see here are either gifts from family or garage sale :-) ....

I wont bore you anymore... by telling you what I love about your home... But dont forget, I'm waiting for your lovely comments... And will leave you to enjoy the corner of her home..

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Don’t forget to comment… so I know what you are thinking!! If you’d like to see your home here, or would like to share a cozy corner of your home do email me on torresp27@hotmail.com … I’d love to hear from you!!


  1. Very well decorated, looks cozy and warm! :)

  2. Hi Patricia,
    I was just getting another post ready for Kaleidoscope with the title "My home - My Love, My Magic" You read my mind :)
    Lovely house..

  3. Every nook and corner is filled with warmth...so cosy...
    Each pic is a beauty:)

  4. I love the oozing warmth. Shows what beautiful people live in!

  5. Beautiful!
    The colors are so warm and the things you have around the house - the angels, buddha, candles - such great positive vibes.
    5 stars *****!!

  6. Sooooo beautiful and full of love!
    I love it!

  7. there is the wooden teak colour domination in all the furniture..i like that chocalte/wood colour furniture...good taste reflected by the pictures..

  8. This is a beautifully decorated home. I love the last picture of the Buddha sitting on the books but my favourite picture is the one with the white cherub. I love cherubs!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  9. Oh I love this! Very warm, mellow and filled with a blend of old-world charm and modern-day practicality.

  10. Many thanks to Patricia for featuring my home on her blog. I am very excited and can't wait to see more house tours on her blog.

    @Asha - Thanks a bunch.

    @Preethi - I love the tittle .. may be I will have to use it too someday on my blog.

    @deepazartz - I am glad you enjoyed the corners of our house .. I am addicted to home decor fever :)

    @PreeOccupied - aww thanks for such a lovely comment .. when my husband read it he said "See she knows me well" haha he is funny.

    @Rose - 5 star for your positive note. I never realised till you said it that I do have positive things around .. guess I was too busy decorating :)

    @Simran S. - I agree all we have in this house is L.O.V.E

    @Deepa - you have an eye for details .. Thanks I am glad you like the furniture .. its been a treasure find

    @Natasha - I know I love the cherubs too I have another one in the master bathroom I will have to share the picture sometime ...I am glad we have same taste.

    @Vasudha - Thanks a bunch ..its my collection of trasures :)

    @Anuradha - Thanks Anu but this can't beat all the loevel brass stuff you have decorated around the house ..trust me I am in the same lane as you are asking parents to just bring me brass from India :)

    @Sunita - I love your comment I am glad you like it

  11. I love those cherubs adn the buddha... The first pic... very creative arrangement. All the corners talk of warmth and beauty.

  12. Lovely! Warm and beautiful!!

  13. Very nice and warm loving decor. I especially loved the idea of putting a table lamp and tea tray with a frame on the washing machine in the laundry room. The light not only adds a glow but also gives it so much of a positive energy while doing the laundry.

    Loved the quotes on the wall and the colors of the canvas/wood on which the quotes were written. Great caligraphy.
    In which country is this lovely home?

  14. loved the decor, the wall finish is what caught my attention.

  15. Love what I see so far. More photos please.

  16. @Iniyaal - I am glad you see the warmth in your house .. I cannot wait to decorate more after these awesome comments :)

    @Vinita- My laundry room was the first place I started to decorate. Its a very simple way of making sure it remains clean :) otherwise everything beings on top of the dryer ..We are in Florida USA but heart is still in India.

    @Rekha- wall caught my attention too when I first saw this

    @ Juli - I will ry to get some more pics soon .. by that time you can checkout my blog at http://niwas-whereourheartresides.blogspot.com/

  17. so pretty...i especially like your wall shelves!

  18. Lovely home! And what really grabbed my attention were Meenakshi's lovely & interesting frames!

  19. Looks like a very well thought of home..It was beautiful...


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