Wednesday 22 December 2010

Incredible India!!!!!

Yay!! I'm so happy.... Shanthi is back in time for my last weekend wrap up!! Did you miss her as much as I did!! I wait eagerly for her weekend wrap up posts.. followed by a few email exchanges.. Makes me feel... like I have found a new friend in Norway! Yay!! *smiles*
Over to Shanthi ~~
Just back in time for your last weekend wrap up. Guess what I did , shopping and more shopping and more shopping J . I was busy wrapping up my India tour packing and getting set to come back to Norway. Here are some of the wonderful things I picked up in this trip and hmmmmmmm we are only allowed to carry 20 kilos. I am in a hurry to send this so I will let the pics speak.
Cool wine stoppers
a table top tray
Ganesha perfume diffuser
loved this hand to scratch my back - used a lot when in India :-)
Finally managed to hang some frames on the wall before I left I have two wonderful paintings that need desreve a blog post of their own which I will do soon. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to all of you.
~~ Shanthi


  1. What a loot Shanthi! I asked you the India shopping query before I realized you had blogged about it :) Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. 20 KILOS??? You managed to bring all that back within 20 kilos??? HOW? ANyway, it as fabulous to meet you even tho it was really really short. Next time longer visit I promise....
    BTW, those wine stoppers....where did you get them? I am assuming someplace here in Hyderabad?

  3. someone has REALLY been shopping :)) loved your steals.

  4. Thanks Patty and yes you all make feel like family. Our one big Global family.

    Thanks GB!!!! U bring the first smile as always :-)

    Divya and Prachi - This is just 1/3rd of my loot. Saving for other posts :-)

    Kamini - :( Yes just 20 kilos. Pssshhh!!! more luggage for my husband and his colleagues in their next trip in Feb. Loved meeting you and Raga and what a wonderful house you have.

  5. Awesome stuff Shanthi..I liked each and every bit of your "Incredible India" shopping. Arent those tooth pick holder, bottle thingy n all from Happily Unmarried?

  6. Yes I just realized they are :-).

  7. Hi patricia... your blog is very nice... loved it.. and thank you for visiting my blog and the cheering comments.....

  8. these are such a beautiful pictures. These are awesome . . India Tour Operator


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