Wednesday 29 June 2011

...home tour continues~Anu

Hey everyone... I am continuing with the tour of my home and will share some glimpses of my favorite areas.... click on the image to see a larger picture
Lets start with the Puja place
...My puja place is a small area in the kitchen, and consists of tiny silver idols some going back to 120 years arranged on a Chinese altar... The idols belong to my very much loved family and friends. When I moved to Atlanta, I asked for 1 idol from each of my folks...and the idols travelled from their puja place to mine,...with their blessings and wishes.
...Padmaja's 'Shrirangapatna devastana' painting...above the Glassware cabinet
...a corner of the family room...some Mysore and Warli paintings...some of my pottery pieces displayed
...the family room...
...corner of the master bedroom...
...another area of the bedroom...
...signing off with the image of my thinking man...:-)
Adios until the next post...contributed by Anpu/Anu


  1. awesome anu,...super cool home!!!

  2. The efforts you have put in to make your home a cozy place shows through. Loved your collections, Anu.

  3. LOVE every single photograph. It looks so vibrant and alive. So real. Not like those pictures where things are set up just for a photograph. The painting over the fireplace is just the right size and color to make it pop out. I love the use of furniture in all sizes and shapes. My style is also eclectic. I pick up pieces which I love rather than those that match. I just love the Srirangam painting and the cabinet below it.
    Thanks so much for sharing your house


  4. Beautiful home, love the story about the pooja room:):)

  5. I love your Puja space, and the painting over the fire place, and the corner with thinking man. Enjoy your new home Anu!

  6. Beautiful home Anu.Loved every corner :)

  7. Patricia a Thank You and a big hug for all the lovely things you wrote in my blog. I am grinning from ear to ear and am flattered you took the trouble to write ever so many comments! Your home is so beautiful and I love your blog too.Its super you show case so many varied items.
    Lots of love from Bangalore

  8. Anpu - Beautiful spaces! The orange painting has come out stunning! Love it :-)

  9. Thanks Anu and Sudha and Rekha.

    @Rama,Kala and Mytri - Thanks...every morn and evening, when I light the diya, I remember my loved ones... and feel good they are in my life

    @Sonia - Thanks

    @Harshi - Thanks dear...yes teh orange painting adds life to the family room...

  10. Nice to see your art all around the house! Very neat and inviting home! Since we have already got the invitation, we will definitely be shameless when we visit Atlanta! :-D

  11. love the art above the fireplace!

  12. WOW!!! Anu what a beautiful and airy place you have. How did I miss this post.


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