Thursday 30 June 2011

Buddha Scapes ~ Round up

Thank you to all of you who made Buddha Scapes possible... Thank you for inviting us into your homes or taking us on amazing tours... *hugs* for supporting all my little Colours Dekor dreams... Thank you!! *smiles*
The first entry this month was Komali's ... ~ Buddha Mantel
Followed by Ash, who took us on a tour of her gorgeous home...
Sharmistha's ~ my little lotus Buddha was a gorgeous ... gorgeous post!!
Could I ask for more?? Oorvi ~ peace, love, compassion
The above stunning image from All things beautiful....
Rama... not only supports me.... but continues to inspire... with Buddha & glimpses of Sikkim
Serene Spaces by Rema... who is another bundle of talent... *sigh*
Here is a new blog for you... Life & Times in Bangalore...
A gorgeous entry by Sudha ~ The Design Enthusiast ...
I simply cant get enough of this orange wall.. and now with frames.. its stunning... Hop on to All things beautiful...
Finally a stunning Buddha Scape at A Home makers Diary...
Do visit Thailand via Mindful Meandering ... *sigh* such a gorgeous post!!
You've got to visit this shop via Cherishing Spaces... I'll go shopping here for sure!!
Hope you enjoyed this series... as much as I did... *sigh*... I'll end with a quote from My experiments with Arts & Design
Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha said,
"However many holy words you read, however many you speak,
what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?"


  1. Congratulation Patty , on completion of a stunning Buddha scape series.What a visual delight it was!!:)It was a wonderful and one of a kind journey into various homes and mind thru this adventure.Beautifully put together at the end by you.:)
    Looking forward to many such memorable journey with you again and again:)

  2. Lovely!! Have no favourites...cos each one of them are just so BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. agree with harshita...all are awesome a lovely and holy treat...

  4. wow...thanks patty...lovely thought...first of all....and the effort in putting these things together...

  5. Wow I have always been fascinated by Lord Buddha . Thank You dear for this beautiful compilation

  6. wonderful round up Patty...glad u did this link up:)..looking forward to many more of these supercoolparties

  7. Loved this round up, Patty! It was such a nice theme...What do you have for us next....looking forward to the July theme.

  8. Luv that quote :) nd the post too

  9. Congrats Patty! Stunning series! Gorgeous entries.Loved it...totally:)

  10. Congratulations Patty!
    You completed what you started, and took each of us through some mind blowing Buddha Scapes.
    I often wonder how manage to do so many things all at the same time, not to mention you managed to holiday in Nepal too.

  11. Hi Patricia,

    I love the last quote!

    I have a page called Link Ups where i list all the linky parties in which i participate and colors dekor is also there.

    I find it difficult to add the link to every post that i make, hence have a separate page for the same. Hope it is fine with you. Thanks a lot for hosting.

    adithi's amma

  12. Thanks for the shout out, Patty. I love your blog and constantly visit...there were very few of these link ups I can participate in, though. And that's changing, thanks to blogs like yours and a couple of others.

    I loved seeing all the Buddhas. There's something so serene about Buddha corners and pictures of others' Zen spaces.

  13. Kudos to you Patty! I feel like I just had a rocking party..seriously :) You are the main reason for many of my posts.. I just love being part of your parties :) I enjoyed all the other posts also.. Thank you Patty :)

  14. Lovely post, Patty.
    Loved the Orange Wall submission ... that's one idea I know I am stealing :) .... During the last 2 years of travel we have picked up a lot of stuff along the way. We were looking for ideas on how to put it up ... This blog is amazing ... Love it!

  15. a great round up! enjoyed seeing them all..lovely ladies n such talent!


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