Wednesday 16 November 2011

Festivities - Decor, laughter, sweets and so much more!

A big chirpy loud Hi to all of you!

I enjoyed a beautiful Diwali this year, replete with the company of loving family and friends. For me, laughter is the one main thing I associate with having a good time. I enjoy being in the midst of people with a great sense of humour; and I love people who don't take themselves too seriously. 

This festive season for me, was peppered with enough doses of laughter and yes, yummy food and sweets. So much so that I feel I cannot look at any more boxes of sweets now for the rest of the year :P [Hey, no I didn't mean that] :D

Ok that's enough of my banter for now :D

Here's a photograph I clicked at the Durga Puja I attended this year :) The images have been painted on glass and have been done as a solo effort by my son's art teacher :) isn't it simply splendid !

I'm super-happy to share some photographs of my festive decor this year with all of you; especially as I created some diyas out of terracotta with my own hands :D 

As they say; Pictures speak a thousand words. Enjoy!

...And here are couple of Diwali pics clicked at the entrance of my friend Sweta's apartment. Pretty, aren't they? =)

Sorry for the quality of the pic above; it was clicked on my phone with my little one tugging at my leg :P

I know that for a lot of you; the festive season hasn't ended as yet. So; Happy celebrating - Happy Eating and Happy laughing ...not necessarily in that order ;-) Have fun !!

Until next time,


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