Tuesday 15 November 2011

My Favorite Things : Rama

Joining us today is Rama who blogs at Time, time, I have all the time... with her favourite things...

There are so many favorite things in my life, however, today I would just share a few of my favorite things through these pictures:

This old picture of my mom when she was just 13. I just love it.

This is picture of our dog Toffee when she was just 2 months old , look at her blue gray eyes, I never get tired of looking at her pictures.

He is my brother Sridhar. If any of you have been following my blogs you would have read what I had written about him. A brother whom I have never seen, for he died when he was just 9 years old, and I was born three years later. The stories told about him by my parents, always brought tears from my eyes : he was such a lovable child.

 This picture is of my favorite trip with my husband and daughter to Portugal and Spain: this is the Bone Chapel in Evora in Portugal

Again a favorite trip of mine: the scenic 17 mile drive through Pacific Groove and Pebble Beach California: Pacific blue my favorite color

The beautiful Clouds all through our drive through Sedona on our way to the Grand Canyon

The beautiful snow capped mountains in Sikkim

a fake call photo in London,

the lovely Deepawali decoration with light last year,

my favorite picture taken with these lovely fisherwomen  in Vishakapattnam,

the lovely pasta dish made by my husband,

my favorite pass time is to arrange different artifacts on the chimney,

posing for a picture in a moving cable car in SF,

spending time with my 90 year old father,

seeing my daughter look so happy with her husband,

doing the road trip with our son in the US,

doing Aerobics with my students,

seeing our toffee looking as beautiful and stylish,

and my most favorite one is when I get to link all my favorites to Patty's blog: Patty you are the best!

So will you be joining in the linky party for November??


  1. Very beautiful post - I am very sorry to hear about your brother Rama, he does look like a very precious child. I cannot imagine what your parents would have gone through when they lost him - the loss of a child is unbearable and the worst kind of personal loss ever.

    I loved the pics taken on your trips - all in all, a very happy post!! May God keep you happy and shining forever!

  2. That's a unique way of sharing a story, Rama.Very little said in words, but a lot said through pictures.

  3. any woman who has a daughter or/and a pet has to a wonderful person..Rama sits in comfortably in this title :)

  4. Its like a story....very beautiful and so touching!

    Thank you for sharing it with us Rama!

  5. Lovely family n gr8 pictures

  6. Your pictures are beautiful...Ilike how you arranged your artifacts along your chimney, they're so artsy. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I'm now your newest follower.

  7. Lovely post patty! and what a lovely family Rama!

  8. Loved all of them...Rama and Patty both rock:)

  9. Your pictures spoke volumes Rama. enjoyed all of them.. Patty, got to see you today:-)

  10. Thanks everybody, for stopping by and writing such nice comments. I look forward to seeing, and reading about your favorite things too.
    Thanks Patty once again, enjoy your trip.

  11. Beautiful post Rama & a touching one too. Loved your mom's photo:) infact all the photos.


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