Wednesday 31 July 2013

another magical room

Now.. didn't I tell you.. the entire house is dreamy.. and magical... Here is another room.. *smiles*

The master bedroom its huge and spacious and shouts luxury. Its got the view to die for a cozy egg shape swing largely inspired by wake up sid (Bollywood movie) one can completely relax on the side couch along with foot massager and live life king-size. Few of my fav pieces here are
1)zen inspired side table buddhas,
2)over the size big bed

Profoundly called as a recreation room. This room is for all the noise , reading, yoga, indoor games, accounting, small meetings.

Now that you've seen the entire home... Lets go out into the garden.. *smiles*


  1. Amazing blog! The vibrant color and the furnishing makes the room look full of energy. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pics.

  2. i wanna stay in this house ......its got room for,romance,work,study,.....everything is kept into love love


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