Wednesday, 28 August 2013

lets go upstairs!!

Ofcourse I'm not done with Bali.. I have to show you each corner of these gorgeous Le Jardin Villas... *smiles* 

So ... lets go upstairs today... 

Remember I said.. natural lights.. and sunlight beaming in.. everywhere.. This is the roof of the stairways.. 

Leading into this... door... that I will open for you shortly..

Saying that.. I cant get this pic to tilt.. anyway... you know how it looks.. right!!

So this door... takes you to another bedroom... 

With a huge balcony and attached bath... *sigh*... 

Isn't this stunning.. Wish I could do this at home.. 

*sigh*.. more images of our open bath... 

Can you imagine lazing around here... 

or sitting with a book... and some coffee... 

The view of the pool... from the terrace... Isn't this place absolutely stunning... 

Now.. lets go back down.. I have more to show you.. *smiles*.. 

So.. if you ever go to Bali.. make sure you stay at Le Jardin.. or simply call the awesome Kavita.. to give you options.. *smiles*


  1. Love the lime green shade!! And the bed beside the pool...Wow!!

  2. its so beautiful. love these cicks.

  3. the open bathroom is so refreshing ... the lime and lemony colours makes one feel so fresh!!!!


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