Friday 27 September 2013

Finding Art

You know I've been in this mood to do up the home before the festive season starts... and as I was hunting for artwork... I found 'ArtSquare'... a creative and innovative concept, where you can buy your artwork in either canvas or photo print, in a size of your choice and then even get it framed and delivered to you... Now isn't that impressive..

For a minute.. I was like... Should I really share this awesome site with everyone... or should I keep it for myself... simply to adorn my own walls... *sigh*.. I had to share..

Now.. I've picked a few gorgeous pieces from here.. and would love for you to tell me which one do you think I got for my home *smiles*

No!! No!! Its none of these... 

Hop over to 'ArtSquare'... and tell me which one Im getting??!! *grins*


  1. The one entitled "innocence" by Sharmi Dey and "love" by kamal nath... Beautiful paintings and so well depicting Indian scenes ....

  2. Definitely the 3rd ! or maybe the 5th ?

  3. Hi Patricia,

    Found you blog recently and within no time I was following it :)
    Lovely colors in all the art! I personally liked the first one - may be you picked the 4th (among others)


  4. i loved the man with the colorful turban! :)


  5. i think decor is one of beautiful art, i hope your blog give more usefull content. greats!

  6. Love the art works. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site.


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