Wednesday 25 September 2013

My Home, My Haven ~ home tour Suparna

When I saw Suparna's home, I thought 'gosh'... so many things to look at... wow!! and all so well arranged... in a very neat clutter... if that makes any sense... 

but when I read about her.. and her ideas for her home... it was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.. I'll leave you with 'Suparna'

I am Suparna  Deb from Kolkata, India. I am in Central Civil Service with all India transfer liability.  The basic ingredient of my life is my love and passion for anything beautiful and artistic. 
My home is my comfort zone, my nest. The home décor is basically Indian with traditional, folk and contemporary style. It is artistically casual in a subtle way.
To me, home décor should be friendly, inviting and full of warmth, not like picture perfect lifeless magazine photos. It should reflect a lot of my personality, the way I am. I prefer a clean and clutter free home with lot of natural light. I am not very much in favour of collecting small artcrafts or very detail decorating ideas.

I prefer soothing  and neutral wall colour. Paintings and lamp shades are  my favourite.  Though I appreciate but I am not a  big collector of intricate and exquisite art objects. My objects are rather simple, most of them are locally available ethnic /tribal   goods like  Durga mask from Bengal, patachitra, appliqué work, grey slate stone Ganesha idol  from Orissa etc.

Very recently I have constructed my own flat. Here, all the images  were  from my all temporary old homes at Kolkata and Bhubaneswar, my places of posting.

Yes, there were  books  everywhere in my house, on tea table, on corner table, on side table. Recently, in our new place, I am trying to tame those unruly books. All sorts of books … fiction, non –fiction, spiritual, classic, contemporary, travel, law, fiscal policy everything together –a medley, happily co exist  at my home. Not only in living room there are books everywhere in my house.

Do leave a comment and let Suparna know what you think...


  1. Suparna, now this is a home! :) Comfy, lived in and filled with colorful treasures! Thanks for sharing her home with us, Patty!

  2. Suparna, loved your homes and the beautiful corners :) Very warm and inviting.

    1. Am happy that you loved it, Aparna. Thanks for Patty's inspiration.
      I am a huge fan of Patty

  3. WOW!!! One of my favourite homes ... love the books ... wherever one sits one can just reach out curl up and drown in their pages ... and the lighting ... the lovely lamp on the pot ... everything is just too gorgeous!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Suparna, just loved your style...casual...yet thoughtful...very comfy...yet very organized...books..low shades...corner light and smell of soil are some of ur proves that simplicity rules...great job..

  5. said really true about the beautiful's absolutely amazing how Suparna have displayed this treasure...such a beautiful colorful home!!

  6. wow! good job! I can feel the warmth of a cozy and comfortable sweet home. Loved everything especially the lamp shades!! thanks for sharing!

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  8. Suparna, you've got such a bright and cozy place. :) Love the ethnic vibe of your home decor.

  9. beautiful decorating designs ideas

  10. Cosmos within four walls!
    Creativity amidst clutters.
    Thanks for sharing the decor.


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