Monday, 21 October 2013

Is it Halloween yet?

Last week, my girlies had gone over to their friends house... 

So what do you do when you are free.. or rather.. what do I do?? 'clean, clear, de-clutter'.... LOL.. and then redecorate. 

Well... so unplanned.... but so awesome... 

Open the box of last years decor... and randomly lay them out around the house... to make it look like this??

So go on.. and tell me what you think? or tell me if you like what you see... 

This is my new find.. The bottle from Home Center and the little orange tea light holder from Tschibo... for just AED 9. Now isn't that a steal?

The little black halloween lights are from Bangalore... all the way from Blore.. Ramya got these for me.. *smiles*... So nice to have such a lovely bunch of family & friends... *sigh*

and all together... some randomness... But who cares... I love it.. Do you?

More on this this week... watch this space for more....


  1. wow!!...cute lamps ... and interesting arrangements... beautiful colour combinations ... well blended and displayed!!!

  2. looks so beautiful Patricia.

  3. So beautiful son ask this question everyday?

  4. Such a beautiful display!! Love the colors of fall and Halloween!

  5. Beautiful,Patty :)Are you going to have a Link up party again this year?


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