Monday 14 October 2013

Peacock happiness

Hello my lovelies… I haven’t been here for a while. I just simply have nothing to say *smiles*

This year has been rather rough on me!! Im going through ‘all time low’… Honestly I am!! I lost two people this year who were ever so dear to me… my dad and then my gran. I never imagined a life without dad or gran, and now when he isn’t there on the other side of the phone… I just feel lost & lonely. Some days, I wish heaven had a phone *sigh*

But this isn’t all… a few of my friends have been ill, some others had accidents… And to top it all, a guy at work was diagnosed with lung cancer. Although he was diagnosed two years ago, then claimed he was cured (don’t ask how!!), collapsed three weeks ago. He was on ventilator for two weeks, and now is back and has been discharged from hospital. But docs say, it’s the last stages. He’s got a few more weeks to go. I’ve been constantly thinking about him, talking to people I know… doctors, friends, spiritual healers… anyone who I think can help, get him into hospital for radiotherapy. He should finally get an appointment this week. I’m relieved!! But the whole episode of talking to so many people, narrating the same story over and over again, getting someone on the other side to either hear me out… or atleast try and help…. has kind of affected me… What is this life really worth?? !! Why do people simply not care for each other? Why don’t you do, the smallest of thing… to help someone? Why are we so selfish? Why is it that we have to associated ourselves to a bigger cause? And be part of something big? Why cant we just help random people we meet in our day to day lives?

Anyway……….. enough!! Enough of me moaning and groaning… That’s not what this blog is about… *sigh*…

When Im low, very very low, the one thing that gets me back on track is rejuvenating walls. Yes, restoring, reenergising, resurrecting. Ooohh!! Such strong words. *smiles*

Now here is what I did this weekend…

Now thats what the room ... looked like... 

And with a little help from the awesome team at 'Kwikdeko' ....

These went on the wall... Was super easy... no effort at all.. 

I know.. I could have painted them, but Im just super lazy. But I tell you what... no one believes this is a sticker... its as good as paint.. Trust me.. when I say this!! :)

So do you like it ?

I'm always in love with peacocks... they make me super happy...

This week will be well spent... painting more walls around the house... so watch out for some fun *smiles*.. 


  1. Hi Patty, I have been reading your blog in my Reader and had to stop by today to wish you all the best. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Do take care and remember, we are all in this together.

  2. Dear Patricia, lots of strength, love and blessings to you! This is hard I know but it shall pass....and you can always converse with them in your heart...they are listening!

    BTW, love the idea of peacock feather!

  3. Felt bad reading the 1st para dear.
    No words.......................
    The wall is very pretty now.

  4. Hi Patricia,My condolences to you and your family in such difficult hours....I can relate to your feelings to some extent...have gone through similar is tough at times but hold on to all your positive thoughts and actions....such times will pass,life will shine and smile again....have been a bit our of touch for the last few months for several reasons...take care,stay blessed....

  5. Patty be courageous!! This too shall pass.
    Your wall looks very pretty. Even I got decal from kwikdeco and that too is very beautiful. No one believes its a sticker.

  6. Sorry for your loss dear....and Thanks a lot.... you made our decals look even more beautiful...God bless us all

  7. Lots and lots of hugs. Was wondering where you disappeared! Sorry to know about the different struggles you seem to be going through. I hope things look better soon.

  8. So sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time. You need to be strong...our wishes are with you which will make you shine again and yes, thank you so much for this post, your wall looks amazing! Hope everyone loves our decals too!

  9. Hi Patricia... i can completely understand your mental status .... coz we cannot come out of our loss even today.... the thing is we should be courage.... we should spread the awareness about cancer.... that's what we are doing now in a small level... but still lot to do about that... i think we can do it in future.... let all the positive thoughts help us.... just share the natural things that heals cancer.... that's all we are doing it now..... And i liked the peacock feathers very much... :)

  10. Hi Pat,

    Hang in there! I hope your friend feels better, and he is lucky to have a friend like you! Your peacock feathers are lovely, and it's hard to make out it's a decal! Remember, when life gives you lemons make lemonade!

  11. Lovely wall Pat ... don't worry ... our loved ones are with our almighty Father ... and they hear us and love us ... love the wall ... the colour of the throw and the lovely cushion complement the wall ...

  12. Dear Patty,

    Can understand what you are going through and may GOD give u the strength to u/ur family to pass thru this...
    Ur walls looks lovely with the peacock decals..


  13. Hi Patricia
    Sometimes life does make us face tough situations but remember tough times don't last,tough people do.
    The wall is really beautiful.


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