Wednesday 16 October 2013

Jewellery Artists Dubai

Meet my super talented friend Harshi ... and her fabulous festive collection called 'Deewani' collection...

These gorgeous pieces are on her store

Some of these simply call out to me... with peacocks... and lotus'!! Its as though these were just made for me *smiles*

Well and finally my favourite hoops.... Aren't they simply gorgeous? 

Recently, I met the girl behind Rainz Adorns, another extremely talented jewellery maker in Dubai. She is not only talented... but the nicest person I've met in a long long time. Isn't it lovely to meet such nice, smiley, happy people.... 

Handmade & handcrafted jewellery has surely come a long long way.. 

Look at these gorgeous pieces.. 

I'm buying the one below... for a very close friend of mine... Do you like it?

Well... if you like what you see... You should hop over to their stores... Rainz Adorns & Harshi

Leave them a comment and motivate the *smiles*


  1. Thank you so much Patricia for the write up on my fav blog. You made my day:)

  2. There's always that special love for you... will always be! Love you Patty xx - Harshi

  3. How gorgeous !! I love love the blue necklace with pretty!!

  4. the hoops are pretty but i absolutely loved the last pic. amazing pieces


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