Monday, 9 December 2013

a weekend & a wall

Weekend memories are made of these.... *smiles*..

a wall... a few people... and a story... 

Here is my artist daughter... I tell you now... She already thinks she is Picasso... 

Sims, Eva & Paavu (their little friend), get together to paint a wall... 

The adults get inspired... and start with giving tips.... 

Soon the wall is taken over by the adults... All those you see here are people I call 'family'... between food, pool, BBQ ... they decide to take over the wall... 

and here is the final result... *smiles*

a few better pics of the wall to follow soon.... 

We totally love the graffiti effect... tell us what you think... 


  1. OMG Patty they did great job.. I love the way how they make design from start to end.. too good.. and Lively!! awesome!

  2. Wow, stupendous!!!! No other words to describe the beautiful meaningful wall!!!

  3. i love the wall!

    its incredible how all the adults pooled in. couldn't let the picasso in them lie dormant for long :)

  4. This is so colorful. It looks beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done.

  5. Gorgeous!!! :) Love the graffiti ... What a fun activity to do as a family :)

  6. Oh boy, I wouldn't mind going back years to attend this party Patty! Loved the decor details, too many to point out, and the whole idea of an artsy party.

  7. I'd love to go back several years just to attend an artsy party like this! Wow, kudos to you and the girls for organizing this. Love the attention to detail!


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