Friday 9 January 2015

Wedding decor - Part 2

I know its too many images, but Im sure you will enjoy every little detail...

Now please ignore the background, coz as we were taking picture people were still working to make the place look stunning... 

This was a pathway... 

This is Abhishek doing what he does best... making everything look stunning. Like I said earlier, if you have an event in Bangalore, he is your person... Email me on and I'll be glad to give you his mobile no. 

The mason jars hanging on trees... 

If you've got an event as gorgeous as this.. please do send in some images... to


  1. Hi Patricia,

    I loved going through your blog and absolutely loved it!

    Following you with much love and adoration

  2. How nice vow renewal location!! These pictures are looking wonderful my dear! The wedding venue shown in these pictures are very pretty. I wonder if I can get such a beautiful Wedding location in Chicago for my wedding party!


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