Wednesday 7 January 2015

Wedding Decor

Writing this post made me feel like Im flooding the page with these images, but the decor was simply so beautiful that I had to click a thousand pics.

More importantly, the pics don't do sufficient justice to these images..

I was at the Lalit Ashok, Bangalore last week, and the pool side was being set up for some function... and we simply couldn't stop clicking pics.

The insides of the paper bag... 

Walking down the stairs.. 

This was the table decor...

And walking back... 

The wedding planner and decorator was some guy called Abhishek.. If you are based in Bangalore and need some help, email me on and I'd love to give you his contact details. 

Wait for part two of this series to see more... *smiles*


  1. what beautiful decor, i wish i could attend a wedding like that, soon :)

  2. Your wedding should be as unique as you. These beautiful wedding d├ęcor ideas would definitely turn any wedding to an incredible life event. I would love to use these ideas for decoration of my location for vows. Thanks for this great share!


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