Wednesday 21 April 2010

Book shelves

I am desperately looking for some book shelf ideas.... Do you guys have any that you can share with me.... These are two that my blogger friends sent me... I need one for the girls room to accomodate their books, toys & craft stuff... and I need one for myself... for all my books & magazines... Do send me some links or pictures if you have any creative book shelves...


  1. Hey! see if this helps.

  2. hey Patricia

    how about this blog

  3. Hi Patricia,
    Hope you are doing well. I am sure its going to be a lot of fun setting up the house again.

  4. I have a regular 6 cube bookshelf in Aadya's room.I plan to use colorful tubs for her smaller toys there.But,for now this will do.I will take a picture and send u.

  5. Oh . It' nice design and mass storage.
    I want to get it :O

    thk U


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