Friday 30 April 2010

Work with wood?

My favourite materila to see around the house is definitely wood.... So when I saw this.... I was so super impressed with Olga's work that I just had to share it with you all!! Olga Oreshyna is a Canadian Designer who uses natural and previously used wood to create the designs below. Her sole intention is to make your home warm and comfortable with stylish handmade wooden blocks panels. Since all the wood was already used before, it’s a great contribution to being green! Olga uses only natural fragments of wood as a source of inspiration and what comes out of it... is simply magic!! Explore her designer collection of decorative panels in which simple wooden blocks create sophisticated pattern and plays with contrasts.
For any queries write to her on
You simply have to see Olgas work and the simplicity with which she describes it... : and


  1. love the fact that Olga's wood is 'previously used'. it makes a whole lot of difference to all of us!:)

  2. i love wood too. always wanted timber blinds for my reading room...whenever we own our pad, i'll certainly have it. i feel wood gives a very cosy, warm personal look.

  3. Thank you all for your comments

  4. definitely,wood always has its own special feel to it..nice idea

  5. stunning! and canadian yeah!


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