Monday, 19 April 2010

Eye Candy

The little joys of life…. This is my joy when my brother is around…

We’ve had two hectic weeks… packing boxes, moving homes… settling in… baking cakes (with so much attitude), a few hugs, a few kisses, some tears… and finally, a family reunion at a Lebanese food joint … And of course all concerns can be resolved over paani puri & masala chai !!
I miss him…. so much.. the first week is impossible and the month difficult!! *sigh*


  1. everything looks super yummy!!
    and i didn't get to taste any of it!! *hmph*

  2. Wow, All of it looks yummilicious!
    Did you shoot it yourself? Its beautiful. When my brother comes its all about food too - and I miss him badly when we part as well. I can so identify with that.

  3. that makes my mouth water!!!! wish there was some way we could taste stuff too, long distance!

  4. What fun! Everything looks so delicious.

  5. Yummy! The cinnamon sprinkled all over gives so much flavor to any dessert!


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