Sunday 6 June 2010

Colour Invasion...

My love for orange… makes me feature these pictures from New Woman Aug 1997!! Yes!! I was doing some clearing today… A courtyard full of plants, pebbles and terracotta sculptures makes the entrance to Achyut Palav’s residence very picturesque. Masks from all over India adorn the bright orange walls.
The house is full of artefacts and petite handicrafts. An interesting corner with handicrafts…
Each and every corners has been utilised beautifully by placing ceramics, brassware and photographs. Simply gorgeous!!
Calligrapher Achyut Palav’s residence is colourful and full of petite handicrafts….
Don’t you just love the ethnic elements in this beautiful home? All images from the issue of New Woman Aug 1997.


  1. Oh how fun to go back in time!

  2. That courtyard is just my kinda place! I could spend hours there!

  3. I love those vibrant colors, but when it comes to using them in my home, I get a little choosy. I am not sure if these bright colors will be liked by one and all in my family. Will love to experiment with these kind of home interior at least once though. any advice.....

  4. I love orange too and use it in my home. I did a post awhile back and ask my readers for their least favorite color... Orange won hands down. Next was purple, also used in my home...

  5. Now that's what's called 'digging for treasure'! What a find when you reconnect with old favourites :)
    I love that burnt orange look too. It goes so well with our Indian crafts and plants.

  6. I have been clearing and cleaning and it such fun to look back while making room for more future lore.
    Lovely orange colors are so 70's!

  7. Love the interiors, very creatively done. :)

  8. Hey
    That was simply gorgeous.I loved the way all the knick-knacks were placed collectively.great post patricia!


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