Monday 14 June 2010

Dubai Blogger Meet

Suman came up with the idea of a Dubai Blogger’s Meet…. So I’m calling all you Dubai bloggers to email me on, so we can plan a get together!! Suman Chandra is a storehouse of talent… A self taught artist & poet (by accident) and now by choice a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls…. She prefers to be called ‘Domestic Godess’
This is where she blends all her magic ….
Here are two birthday cards she made….
Decorating a scrapbook for her daughter….
Here are a few pics of her sketches and paintings… She calls them Randomzzzzzzz….
Isn’t this handmade diary lovely…. This is made with handmade paper and dried leaves that are glued and then painted….
More of her beautiful sketches & other creations...
Do visit her blog – Domestic Goddess and her etsy shop – thesuzcorner. Go on inspire this lovely artist by checking her blog, following it… and leaving some awesome comments…
Oh.. and if you are joining us for the Dubai Bloggers meet… don’t forget to email at


  1. I love those paintings!! There's so much talent out there....


  2. Suman's home is lovely! And absolutely love randomzzzzzz and the birthday cards and the diary...just about everything!

  3. So creative! i loved the paintings, esp the women. I am off to chck out her page now.

  4. love the cards and the sketches..

  5. Hey Pat...Thank you for featuring me in your blog...and yes the Dubai Bloggers meet would be great if many people join...looking forward for that. Thank you once again.

  6. I am a frequent visitor to Suman's blog... I love that dashing orange colour she uses as skin colour for her domestic goddess painting. Her home too appears to be different and attractive as her art works are. Wish you too success with the Dubai bloggers meet.

  7. hey the pillow on Suman's bed is my design yayayay!!! i'm so glad to see it here on your blog...this was done for a company thats into exports based out of Delhi!!



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